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With multiple choices on the market for salt removing products,


While working for one of the world’s largest and fastest offshore powerboat racing teams, we used the competitors’ products every time our equipment touched salt water.  We took every precaution and steps necessary to maintain the equipment to the highest standards, as both world championships and peoples’ lives rested on the equipment performing properly and reliably.  This same attention to detail and precision was carried over into personal watercraft racing for many years as well. With events taking place offshore and in the heavy beach surf, where salt was always an enemy to the equipment, its performance and longevity.   Despite using other products on the market vigorously, we were still seeing internal and external failures due to corrosion that should have been prevented.   

After losing some rather expensive parts and events I sat down and thought about how these failures could have been prevented.   I took the competitors’ product and used it in a variety of different situations, while evaluating how the product was applied or introduced and its behavior while it was supposed to be working. I knew then what I wanted to do different, there was a piece of the puzzle missing from the competitors’ product.  Knowing what I wanted but not having the background of how to put it together, I sat down with a chemist and shared my experiences and thoughts.  After some further consultation and testing, Salt Weapon was born.

Salt Weapon was developed for a certain need in a particular niche in the boating market, but the great thing is the performance and results the product delivers can also be realized in a multitude of other purposes.  Anytime salt and its damaging properties are a concern, Salt Weapon can be used to put those concerns to rest.  Whether it be boat racing, fishing, sailing, diving, general maintenance or even over the road uses such as the cleaning and desalting of vehicles and equipment, Salt Weapon is the proper tool for salt removal.

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